Audrey’s Wish

What a wonderful opportunity it was to get involved with our community of volunteers, not just local community but Sydney community, with one cause titled ‘Audrey’s Wish

Audrey Myrden is a mother to 3 young boys and has been diagnosed with a rare and fatal form of brain cancer called glioblastoma multiform. Her dream has been to see her boys in their own home, being able to watch them play in the backyard and spend some precious time with them.  Her story went to television for the first time on A Current Affair, and with Channel 9’s help and a Seaforth Real Estate Agent, Audrey and her husband purchased a property in Frenchs Forest. It was a ‘knock down’, however the community at large pulled together and built their new home in 10 days!!

Builders, Labourers, Painters, Tilers, Plumbers, Fencers, Earthmovers and many others got involved to hand over a ‘dream’ to a family who have been torn apart with pain and tragedy.

All our very best to Audrey and her Family – may they enjoy a wonderful summer, Christmas and New Year in their new home.

A Current Affair produced a Special Edition segment on ‘Audrey’s Wish’. Please Click Here to view this segment

Thank you to Ch9 for providing the following images.

The ‘After’ shot is an outstanding result from an incredible Community Volunteer team!